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617 Children Room Wallpaper Decals Sticker Cartoon

617 Children Room Wallpaper Decals Sticker Cartoon

617 Children Room Wallpaper Decals Sticker Cartoon

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Name: 617 Children Room Wallpaper Decals Sticker
Cartoon Sea World Pictures Colourfull

Brand: Kai Ling

Model: 617

Colour: Colourfull

Product Type: Children Wall Sticker

Product Material: PVC

Feature: Easy Operate, Environmental
Protection, Durable

Product Size: 130*60*0.1cm

Product Weight: 120g

Package Type: OPP Bag Packaged


It adopt high quality environmental protection PVC material, harmlessness to
human and environment.

*2. Exqusite workmanship, no extra white border, to maintain the
overall harmony with stickers and the posting surface.

*3. It uses high-end printing ink patterns, high quality with
vivid image, may bring you a good mood while seeing it.

*4. It select
natural and removable glue,  harmlessness to the wall, no residual colloid.

*5. Easy to
operate, please extrude the bubble immediately while pasting. 

*6. Strong adhesive
feature ensure its long time use life span.


* 1. If it is attached to the surface of the glass or ceramic
tile, please clean the surface with a lean and dry cloth, to maintain a
easier posting, smooth and best apperance.

* 2. Some of the larger pattern stickers may have a little
bubbles bubbles after flattened, please don't warry it won't effect the whole
apperace, and you can use the scratch card scratch or  remove the air bubbles or small bubbles by
punctured them with a needle.

* 3. If the pasted wall damp, aging or just brush new paint,
that may cause wall stickers off automatically after pasting, or cause
peeling walls, you can use a hair dryer or hot air to dry the wall paint to
be volatile for some time, and  then

* 4. If by any accidentally, you post the wall stickers,on the
wrong position,  you can tear it town
gently with a  small blade, if it won't
be torn off, it can be  re-paste on
other place. We don't suggest to it often, because the effect may be not as
good as it might be.

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